Delania Griffin, a housewife from Crown Point pens her novels in her maiden name, D.M. Bourgeois. She only started writing in 2019, published her first novel, “Slipping Into Darkiness” in 2020, published a second book in 2022 and has her third book about to be published soon.

The most awesome thing has happened! Delania is a finalist in this year’s Silver Falchion Award in Best Supernatural Category for her second book, “Misguided Revenge.”

“I’m thrilled that my second book, “Misguided Revenge” is a finalists for the Silver Falchion Award for best book in the Mystery Supernatural category. I will be attending the 2023 conference and the banquet awards dinner on Saturday night, August 19, 2023 where they will announce the winners. The Awards dinner is live on Facebook so tune in to cheer me on and see if my book is chosen,” Delania said.

“On July 19, I was invited to speak at the Jefferson Volunteers of Family and Community ‘Funday’ meeting. This was my first speaking engagement. I’m a writer, not a speaker, but everyone was so nice and welcoming that it turned out to be such a rewarding day for me. The theme of the meeting was ‘hidden treasures’ and each person brought something that was special to them then took turns saying a few words about the item. The people were wonderful, and I truly enjoyed listening to the amazing stories. Of course, my hidden treasure was my husband, Glenn Griffin who was there to support me as usual,” she said.                                                         

As you read, “Misguided Revenge,” you are surrounded by lies and misperceptions, wondering if the truth will be revealed. The novel is set in the small town of Lafitte and unfolds in the Fleming Cemetery, notorious for its local folklore and legendary ghost stores. The story centers on Liam, a game warden who goes missing. As they look for Liam, Hurricane Ida barrels toward the Louisiana coast making things precarious to say the least.

Just know that the book deserves to be on this prestigious list and Delania certainly deserves to be recognized in such an awesome way. You can bet that Glenn whom she calls her biggest supporter will be with Delania. From the first time he read a chapter in her first book, he supported her and continued to do so as she returned to college and finished her degree.  

“In May of 2020 at 58 years old, I graduated Cum Laude in Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in English and Humanities. I have to say that when I look back to 2020 and think about COVID-19 and how life was unpredictable, challenging and scary, and still is, I also think about how blessed I was to publish my first book and also graduate college,” Delania said. 

“I am very excited to announce that I just finished writing my third book and hope to release it sometime in October! This book is about a woman who is carjacked and left for dead. There are bizarre circumstances and happenings that not only save her life, but help her to take down the people responsible. I am currently working on choosing a title and designing the cover while the book is in the final editing stage. As soon as I get that release date I’ll announce it on my Facebook page and my website, so look out for that.”

Delania’s first book, “Slipping Into Darkness” is a work of fiction about a woman that lives in Crown Point with her husband and has a perfect life. She finds herself in the center of a hundred-year-old curse, fights to discover the truth and regain control of her life. It’s about multiple murders, strange occurrences, too many coincidences to be ignored. An easy read, “Slipping Into Darkness” has a lot of local content as the characters frequent local restaurants and attend events in and around Gretna and the New Orleans area.

Both books can be ordered in print through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart and most places that sell books. It’s also available as an eBook. D.M. Bourgeois can be reached at or on