Gretna’s biggest public event is the Gretna Heritage Festival, commonly called Gretna Fest! It’s set for October 6, 7 and 8. The weather will be lovely, food and drinks delish and the entertainment, outstanding! You can get the latest info about the entertainment and other special happenings at “Gretna Live!”

What was new in 2022, but still happening in 2023 is that “Gretna Fest is Cashless!” It is so easy to purchase your entrance tickets for Gretna Fest and be able to purchase within the Festival grounds. Tickets for the festival are wristbands! The wristband gets you into the event and is the method by which you can purchase food, drinks and vendor merchandise.

“While prepping for Gretna Fest, you have several options to get tickets,” Community Affairs Supervisor Summer Cook said.

“(1) You can go in person to the Gretna Welcome Center at 1035 Huey P. Long Avenue to purchase your wristband which is your “ticket-in” for the event. The center is open from Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. The in-person price is, tax included, only $34 for a day or $66 for the weekend. By using this method, you will simply walk through the gate with your wristband on and loaded, ready to start the fun!  

“Or (2) you can purchase your wristband at the gate for, tax included, $34 for the day or $66 for the weekend.” 

“Or (3) you can go to to purchase your wristband for the event. Your wristband will be available for pickup at “Will-Call” at 5th Street and Huey P. Long Avenue, in a tent behind the Cultural Center. The total for this is $41.58 for a single day and $73.44 for the weekend, which includes tax and handling.”

The festival is also offering “Friends of the Fest” tickets which are the V.I.P. weekend passes for the event. V.I.P. tickets are $215 per person at the Welcome Center. The online price at is $222.08 including tax and handling. Your wristband will be available for pickup at “Will-Call” at 5th Street and Huey P. Long Avenue, in a tent behind the Cultural Center.

“When you receive your wristband, use the convenient instructions to attach your preferred payment method. All major credit cards are accepted. You can also utilize a prepaid credit card to load on your wristband. There will be plenty of stations available where you can get assistance to load your credit cards if you need assistance. There is also one special kiosk at the festival where you can load CASH to your wristband,” Summer said. 

“DO NOT TIGHTEN your wristband until you are leaving for the festival because once it’s tightened, it cannot be released!”           

There is a nice display at the Welcome Center if you want to purchase Gretna Fest paraphernalia before the festival. You’ll see an amazing variety of colored Gretna Fest caps, as well as shirts, cups and more! Just go there, visit with Maryam Bahman, who will tell you all about the merchandise!

Of special interest, the Welcome Center has available a limited edition, signed and numbered print of the official Gretna Fest Poster by phenomenal artist Keith Eccles.