Lafitte author D. M. Bougeois, aka Delania Griffin did it again! She wrote another book, Misguided Revenge and is having a book release and book signing on Saturday, September 24, 2022 from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at Gattuso’s Neighborhood Restaurant and Bar, 435 Huey P. Long Avenue in Gretna.

It’s your opportunity to meet the awesome local author who penned the following introduction to her latest book.

“Tucked away in the small town of Lafitte, Louisiana, Fleming Cemetery is notorious for its local folklore and legendary ghost stories. Evan “E.R.” Cortez, a game warden in Lafitte has been summoned to the cemetery in the middle of the night by his partner Liam.

“When he arrives, Liam is not there and E. R. finds himself thrust into a web of deceit and misperceptions. He quickly realizes there may be some truth to the local ghost tales he’s been told all his life.

“As Hurricane Ida barrels toward the Louisiana coast, E. R. with the help of Griff, his grandfather and Charley Ann, a girl Liam was attempting to help when he disappeared, begins to search for Liam. Together they begin to unveil a sinister plot of misguided revenge while racing against time and dangerous conditions. Woefully, E. R. discovers secrets of a tormented past and mistaken identities.

“E. R.’s feelings of anxiety of finding his best friend alive collide with his growing attraction and admiration for Charley Ann, the girl he just met and who may be involved with his best friend. Together, they trace Liam’s final steps and come in contact with other questionable characters and unwelcoming elements of the local swamps and bayous.

“Will E. R. reach Liam before the flood waters or other unknown dangers lurking in the darkness takes over?”

Doesn’t reading about the story whet your curiosity and make you want to read the book and find out what happens in that bayou town we’re all familiar with as the storm blows through?              

“I wanted to finish Misguided Revenge and publish it last December, but we flooded for Hurricane Ida and were displaced until this past February. I was unable to dedicate time to the book and it was pushed back,” she said.

Delania loves mystery and suspense and after years of contemplation, she started writing and published her novel, Slipping Into Darkness in December of 2020.

That novel, too, is set in Delania’s hometown. The work of fiction is about a woman that lives in Crown Point. Fate being what it is, she finds herself thrown into the center of a hundred-year-old curse. Slipping into Darkness is about multiple murders, strange occurrences, with too many coincidences to be ignored. The author uses local places in the book like Gattuso’s and had the book signing for her first book there as well.

Delania and her husband Glenn Griffin live in Crown Point and have two children and two grandchildren together. Her writing career began when she was 57. She started writing under her maiden name, D. M. Bourgeois “because she felt vulnerable and scared for people to read her book.” But Glenn told everyone he met about her writing the book, so the secret was out. “My husband Glenn has been my biggest supporter from the beginning and continues to encourage me every day!” she said.

“I was extremely pleased with the overwhelming response to my first book Slipping into Darkness and that’s what inspired me to continue to write. The encouragement and support came from not only my family and friends but from total strangers and that touched my heart.  

“The inspiration to write Misguided Revenge developed from my first book, Slipping Into Darkness. My grandson, Davin Ortego, inspired the creation of E. R., a character in both books. The minute I finished the first book, I knew “E. R.” was perfect for Misguided Revenge because he was loyal, upstanding, rugged, outdoorsy and an overall good guy who would make a great game warden.                  

Davin Ortego and D.M. Bourgeois

“While I did pull some of the characters from Slipping Into Darkness into Misguided Revenge, it’s not a sequel. I know some were waiting for me to write the sequel and I promise it’s coming soon, but I decided to write this one first.

“Thanks to everyone who read Slipping Into Darkness, and please come out to Gattuso’s this Saturday for the release of Misguided Revenge.”

After the accomplishment of writing a book, Delania’s confidence led her to complete what she had started many years before! She went back to college and in May of 2020 at 58 years old, she graduated Cum Laude in Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in English and Humanities.

You can order Misguided Revenge and Slipping Into Darkness in print through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart and most places that sell books. The books are also available as eBooks. D.M. Bourgeois can be reached at or on GG169.JPG