So, you are ready for Mardi Gras 2022 and Gretna is offering it up!

Tonight, Wed. at 5 o’clock is the Stroll along Huey P. Long Ave. and your chance to be King/Queen of Gretna’s Mardi Gras! On Thurs, Feb 10, go to the G-REDI King Cake Social at the Cultural Center for the Arts. On Sat, Feb 12, lunch out at the Magic Ladle Soup Cookoff at the Gretna Marketplace. These three events have a small cost involved to participate. See the list below of all Gretna activities and info about each event

The following events are totally FREE and open to the public!   

“Parade the Huey” on Fri, Feb 11 begins at 6:00 p.m. The 2022 Old Gretna Krewe of House Floats celebrates “Hansel & Gretna: A Grimm Fairytale” with drive-by viewing on Huey P. Long and neighboring streets. For a list of Old Gretna House Float locations, go to

Melanie Dixon and Jessica Marasco Illes became co-captains of the Old Gretna Krewe of House Floats in 2021 when the New Orleans House Floats were started to ease the pain and frustration of a non-Mardi Gras in New Orleans due to the pandemic. Melanie and Jessica combined their love for all things Mardi Gras with love for their beloved historic neighborhood to head up the krewe, ensuring that Old Gretna was well represented.

How could it go wrong with the safest streets in the metropolitan area, beautiful historic architecture and creative, interested residents? And, of course, everything went perfectly! Mardi Gras was saved in a new and innovative way.                                                                      

And of course, the plan is to beat last year’s Carnival experience with more!

There is already excitement on the Huey P. Long neutral ground. The majestic, lit Live Oaks have been enhanced with colorful Mardi Gras decorations. There are colorfully lit masks and beads and bulbs hanging from the trees.  

There are interesting and amazing nursery rhyme characters already holding court among the stunning Oaks! Folks can enjoy scenery along the Huey through Mardi Gras on March 1. Don’t forget to drive by the House Floats in McDonoghville, Garden Park and Timberlane where many homes are beautifully decorated as well.           GG864.JPG – GG866.JPG CREDIT

Krewe of Kuties, Old Gretna’s annual children’s parade rolls out on Sat, Feb 12 at 2 o’clock. Hundreds of participants take their place in Gretna parade history in decorated wagons, carts, strollers, buggies and small floats, in just about anything that rolls.

Founders and captains, Stacie and Brad Jaufre have transformed this 2017 small project into an amazing, ambitious children’s Mardi Gras social event of the season. In 2021, the parade fell victim to the pandemic, a big loss for children and grown-ups alike. 

The Krewe honors a Grand Marshall who leads the parade, escorted by his or her parent. Grand Marshalls, to date, have been Avery Alfortish in 2019 and Amelia Molina in 2020. Since there wasn’t a 2021 parade, two Grand Marshalls were named for 2022, Breanna Montelius and Jake Meerman.  

Look for Krewe of Kuties cups and the special Wooden Dubloons 2022 that will be thrown this year.

The Krewe of Kuties will circle Huey P. Long Ave. from 2nd Street to 10th and back up to 3rd Street. The children will then enjoy a social at the Marketplace that includes king cake and dancing to their very own DJ.

“The Krewe of Kuties is an inviting walking neighborhood parade where all kids are welcome to join in the fun! Kids should gather their festive throws, decorate a bike, wagon, stroller or cart (No Golf Carts), wear a costume and march along. Or, they may choose to watch the parade along the sidewalk,” Stacie Jaufre’ said.

For details, contact Stacie at 504.485.1126. Like and Share Krewe of Kuties Facebook page.     

A nice finish to the Saturday daytime activities in Gretna is to enjoy the Sat, Feb 12, 7:00 p.m. nighttime event, “Love Is in the Air Concert” featuring Glenn Boyd singing Lionel Richie’s greatest love ballads and hits. The event is at the Gretna Cultural Center for the Arts. Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite at

For further information on any Mardi Gras events, contact: Summer Cook

504.363.1580; email: or