All About Gretna (April 2020 edition) 

(Edition not printed due to COVID-19)

What started off as the annual King Cake Social held at the Gretna Cultural Center for the Arts, led to an 87th birthday celebration at the February City Council meeting for local favorite, Councilman “Mr. Milton” Crosby.

G-REDI is a non-profit that focuses its projects and developments in the downtown area of the city. An example, it funded the moving and restoration of Heritage House, the Gretna Welcome Center.

Companies that have made a difference in Gretna in recent years were recognized at the gathering that featured king cakes to sample from local bakeries. Guests got to vote for their favorite king cake!

The 1st Place Winner was The Bistro at One Smart Cookie; 2nd Place Caluda’s King Cake; and 3rd Place Antoine’s Famous Cakes.

When The Bistro at One Smart Cookie was recognized at the council meeting for winning the king cake contest, Tracy Autin brought along an award-winning king cake that became Mr. Milton’s celebratory birthday cake, a sweet deal for all.


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