Take two big fat yummy hand-rolled meatballs and spaghetti covered with delicious homemade gravy, add Italian salad and garlic bread and you are in tummy heaven!

That’s what you will get for only $12 at the Spaghetti Dinner on Sun., July 17, created by the St. Joseph Restoration Committee. There will also be drinks and desserts for only $1 each and Ms. Emily Gegenheimer’s bread pudding and Ms. Janette’s pralines for $2 each.

You can TAKE OUT or meet up with family and friends and EAT IN at the St. Joseph Cafeteria located behind the church on 7th Street.

Attention to those hippie-type people that are going to the Woodstock Dance the night before:  You don’t need to cook the next day when you are needing some R & R, just come and do pick up at the Spaghetti Dinner!  

But for all of the above, you MUST have an ADVANCE TICKET to get the

delicious dinner. You can buy tickets at all Masses at St. Joseph Church or at the Church Office (504.368.1313) across the street from the church. Or, you can call Helen Williams at 504.450.8481 to make arrangements for an easier pick up of tickets.

To answer a big question the Restoration people have been asked is, “Hey, didn’t y’all finish the Restoration of the Church? Why are you still raising money for Restoration? Well, it just so happens that the banner in the church was raised just a few weeks ago to the final goal of $1,200,000, a huge sum!

The next news came with a sonic boom – there is roof damage on four of the oldest buildings in the complex that was caused by Hurricane Ida and the insurance deductible is $200,000! Plans were in the works to replace the rusty, falling down back fence on 7th Street with an iron fence to match the one on the front of the church. The fence is now on the back burner behind the insurance deductible needed.

So with the Restoration group hitting the pavement again, the annual Rummage Sale is back on, set for Oct. 1, in conjunction with the Gretna Citywide Yard Sale. The Sneak Peek prior to the Rummage Sale will be on Thurs., Sept. 29 from 5:00 – 9:00 p.m. where you get to bargain shop early for only $5.

As of Aug. 1, donated furniture will be accepted for the Rummage Sale. Call Helen Williams at 504.450.8481 to set up a time for you to bring the furniture to the gym on the corner of 7th and Newton Streets.

Beginning Wed., Sept. 7 and each Wednesday and Saturday in September from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., other items can be donated. The following are the only items accepted:

  • Kitchen/Household Items
  • Home Décor (Framed Pictures, wreaths, mirrors, lamps)
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Furniture
  • Jewelry
  • Religious Articles
  • Gardening & Patio
  • Toys & Games
  • Tools
  • Coffee Table Books only (No other books)
  • Linens (Bedspreads/comforters, no sheets or mattresses)
  • Purses & Totes (in good condition)
  • Vintage Clothing and Accessories 
  • Formalwear, Prom dresses (No regular clothing)
  • Camping & Sporting Goods
  • Exercise Equipment
  • No electronics

There are two big events in October. Besides the Rummage Sale on Oct. 1, Chili Cookoff on the River 2022 will be held on Oct. 29 where Chili-heads in teams of up to four will compete with official judges tasting and evaluating the chili in a blind method to pick the winners.

Chili Cookoff on the River has grown so much since 2018, that it has outgrown the Amphitheater side of the River Batture! Chili Cookoff 2022 will be on the Main Stage side of the Batture.

Open to the public from 11:00 a.m. until 4 p.m., it’ll be the same fun-filled day, with live music by swamp pop band, “Na Na Sha,” a free Kids Korner to entertain the children and food and drinks offered at very reasonable prices.      

Registration is open for cooking teams and sponsors. Call Linda LaBorde at 504.458.6562 for info on teams or sponsorships.

So, help us out and come and enjoy all of our events. But, let’s start with the yummy Meatballs, (Mamma Mia!) and Spaghetti!  Get those tickets NOW….